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Carlos Philp Costa Rodrigues
Meu Primeiro Livro

The Scary Mask


Carlos Philip Costa Rodrigues



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My brothers Halloween mask


         My name is Carlos and I am eleven years old. I'm a smart and cool boy. I have a little brother that is three years old and really annoying. He tries to scare me almost every day when I come home from school with a really scary masc. The mask is really scary. It's fluorescent green and it looks like the head of a monster. Sometimes I even think it is alive and he really scares me.


         I want to tell you really scary things that happen in my life. It was 28 of October almost Halloween and I though that the mask of my brother was the perfect thing to take on Halloween night. With it I would really scare my friends.




My friend Arthur


         That day I went to my friend's house, Arthur. We spent time in his room and we played Monopoly. I asked him what he was going to wear for Halloween.

          "I'm going to as a vampire. I have a really scary vampire mask too. Do you want to see it?" asked Arthur.

          "Ok" I said as he went into the closet to put it on and surprise me. "HAAAA" I screamed when I saw it.

          "It's scary, isn't it?" said Arthur laughing at my reaction.

          "I never saw anything more scary then that in my life" I said.

          "Don't tell anyone, I want it to be a surprise".

         I agreed but the thoughts of his mask followed me all the way home and into my sleep that night.




Halloween shopping


         The next day, after school, I went with my mom and my brother shopping for Halloween things. This year the stores were full of scary things for Halloween. I have never seen so much stuff before.


         I had no intentions of buying anything but I saw a monster outfit that with go perfect with my brothers green mask so I bought it.


         The dress was fluorescent green just like the masc. It had some red sticky things all over it that locked like blood. I couldn't wait until Halloween. I thought that the mask and that dress were a perfect match to make my friends run for their mom.



Halloween dream



         That night I didn't sleep very well and I had a really bad dream. I dreamt was outside waiting for Arthur to go scare our friends. And Arthur appeared to be one hundred times bigger then he is.


He couldn't see me because I was so small compared to him and he stepped on me. It felt so real that I amount felt my bones cracking, my head squeezing and my heart pounding like a drum.


         I woke up screaming I felt really scared too. When I realized it was just a dream I was relieved but stayed in bed a little wile longer just so I could relax.



My math test


         It was time to go to school and I was late so my dad took me there. In the car couldn't stop thinking about my dream. I told my dad about it and he explained to me how dream sometimes are warnings. Then he told me that children should be careful on Halloween night especially with candy and strangers.


         That day I had a math test and the numbers were all dressed up with Halloween masks. I didn't so well and I'm an excellent math student. It wasn't my fault. It was those crazy Halloween numbers that wouldn't stay still on the paper. I couldn't stop thinking about that horrible dream. It was the thirty of October and I had a feeling that something strange was about to happen.




Vampire knocking


         That day I played soccer and even the ball was acting strange. I didn't think much of it and kicked around as hard as I could. It made some of my frustrations and fears go away.


         Soccer always makes me very hungry, but my mom's food was not as usual. My mom's food is always really good. I don't now why it tasted so bad that day.


         That night I had another terrible dream. In the dream I was reading a book in my room and a vampire knocked on the window. He asked me if he could come in, but I know better and said no. It was really scary and I woke up holding on tight to the book I was reading the night before.





Halloween night


         Again I arrived late for school. After school I went to Arthur house and I told him everything that was happening.


         "The same is happening to me," said Arthur. This was now getting really strange and scary.


         Finally it was night. On Halloween night Arthur and I where partners for trick-or-treat and we were hopping for lots of candy.


         At one point we became apart in the excitement of running from house to house. I call out to Arthur but he disappeared out of sight. At that moment I started to her strange and scary sounds. I was really scared so I ran with out looking back and abandoned my friend. Then I saw a vampire coming straight at me. It was the same one that had knocked on my window. I was really scared because he was real. I ran even faster. In the middle of all the confusion and running I bumped into Arthur.


         "Ahhhhh," we both screamed.


         "It's you," he said. "Why are you so scared?"


         He was scared. I told him everything that happened.


         "The same happen to me, just that I didn't see a Vampire I saw a monster like your mask".  Arthur said.


         "And I saw a vampire like your mask".


         Now I was very scared. Arthur was even more scared than me but he wanted to continue tick treating so we did. I continued to look over my shoulder, but soon got in the spirit of candy and fun again.


         It turned out to be a great night after all with lots of candy. When I got home I had my father go through the treats for a good inspection. After, I had the pleasure of enjoying some sweet treats.


         My little brother and I sat of the floor and stuffed our-selves. My father explained how dreams and visions could be influenced by what we see during the day or on television.


         We brushed our teeth because it was bedtime again. I was still scared of having scary dreams so my mom read to us a story that was happy and peaceful. It did the trick and I had nice dreams.


         I wonder what will happen next Halloween...



The End




Carlos Philip Costa Rodrigues


11 years old