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Niche of S.Tiago

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It is obvious that this man is the father of Solar Science


So, why is he only known in Portugal?


Is the Portuguese subtle culture in North America responsible for the lack of shine Portugal should have? Or is it Americanism and academic strangling of another culture?


Well, I’m a second generation Portuguese Canadian and I tell you that we are the quiet type when it comes to cultural sharing. Yet our community is so colourful… why keep it behind closed doors?


This is one of the reasons why I write and why I am organizing the Father Himalaya Project. It goes beyond the fact that we all must be conscious about renewable energies, or the undisputable fact that Father Himalaya (from Portugal) is the forefather of solar energy. It is an enlightenment of our Portuguese character to bring forward projects that value our community and set models for our youth to be proud of.


I come from a small farming community in northern Portugal, where Father Antonio Gomes Himalaya was also raised, and here in Canada, for a long time, I saw our community colourful but shy. I did not believe in my potential till I met good models that were part of my roots. Father Himalaya has provided me with a vision and I want to share it with all of you, especially those who share my patriotic dilemmas.


My mother taught me 2 very important lessons: to have shame and to shine. I know when to have shame very well, but in this country I never really shined. We the Portuguese Canadians have many cultural reasons to shine in addition to being colourful… I hope this project of exposing Father Himalaya and his life works will motivate all of us to think a little like he did and make this a better world.