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Oranges and Tangerines

From my book of poems



The baboon and the moon


On a tree house,

Lived a baboon and a mouse.

And on one bright night

When the sky was full of light.


The curious baboon,

Just stared at the moon.

And he started to wonder,

Why there was no thunder?


But the sky was clear.

He scratched his beard,

Wile eating a banana,

Admiring the panorama.


He asked the mouse why,

There were no clouds in the sky?

But the mouse was blind,

It was a puzzle in his mind.


He could not see a blunt,

Of such a beautiful event.

So he answer like the wise:

Your mind you must revise!


The moon is to admire,

Not question or aspire!

When you just stare at moon

Youre a silly baboon!







Emotions of comfort have found my heart.

How can another human being make us feel this way?

Ah! Yes! She is a woman! A beautiful woman

She has changed my visions, my sorrows

I feel new hopes in my heart!

I can now make decisions more clearly,

move on with a smile on my face,

and a feeling of peace in my spirit.


To her I shall devote a part of my art and inspiration.

She shall know that I will forever be thankful,

for in giving me such love,

I have learned to love my soul.

I have learned to be strong like a mountain, like Titan.

I can do almost anything, the universe has no limits any more.

I will engrave a book on a star in her devotion.

I shall write a poem on a comet.

I shall carry this feeling to my solitude at night,

and remember it for the ever of time.


My confidence and my happiness are extraordinary,

I feel like Im going to explode.

I take deep breaths to make more room inside,

for she deserves a niche in my heart,

even if now she is anothers lover,

she shall always know that sometimes,

some of us

will stay inside forever.


Maybe one day, when were both older,

and grey hair show the patience of family growing,

dark close the sorrow of being left alone,

wrinkles as witness of a life of hard work,

we can meet again

Maybe then, no lies no not lies, for life has taught us,

how to treasure the souvenirs of the heart, and final peace await.


Maybe then I can offer her a white rose

Maybe then I will have my opportunity to thank her,

For the pain she has given me has made me so rich inside

Yet, she has decided to remain so poor


My devotion shall be on paper, my hopes on the skies and her heart in my mind




Make Love Life Make


Listen, feel, share, and learn.

Softly whisper from your Soul.

Sense the energy,

never just take!


In giving there is receiving.

Love seeks life.

Life seeks love,

but most of all life seeks life



Love Warranties


No sense of fixation,

only the trust you give!


The tranquility you receive,

given by thy self,

shall endure the needs,

we all carry inside




Poets never Marry


To experience such creativity,

as a result of love for oneself,

is an incredible emotion of pride,

for we must deserve it somehow.


Not to be touched be the lyrics,

that one writes to another,

surely it must make wonder:

If our hearts are of stone?


It must make wonder:

why we did not love such a person?

It must make wonder:

Is my heart on my side?


To see someone else write about us,

such demonstration of affection,

through the art of writing,

is an absolute proof of caring.



Love is a Gamble


I am ready! My eyes are tired.

My tears made my body very weak.

My mind is alive and wild.

My Spirit is lonely and ready


I write in a café full of life.

Three windows I see with bars,

each has seven, a total of twenty one.

I choose clubs, diamonds and hearts.


How lucky I am to be alive and free,

and allow love to imprison me.

Now I shall break the bars of pain!

May the seven of spades take time!


The seven of diamonds I shall play.
With the seven of clubs I shall build,

a niche for my heart and for eternity.

My body, my spirit I shall energize.


May the seven of hearts make me a winner.

May my soul and my eyes see the light.

May my mind fortune and company bring.

My tears and my spirit is ready now



Lady of the Lake


You are my breeze, my light.

What a calling from the earth,

and the spirit of lake Osisko.

Mysterious coincidences

Oh, Lord. Can I ask why?

Is it destiny or faith?

Is it a mission?

Why this stained body?

No answer eh?


I will accept your doings.

Can I ask only for one thing in return?



My soul and body are tired.

Yes energy for my solitude.



I hope thats what I saw in your smile?

I know it was dream.

You are my Master


You Master my dreams!

They need the lady of the lake.

I accept you doings