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Carrer as a writer

The most fulfilling hobby of my life


Career as a writer

Apparently I started writing at age 7 when my teacher had to report my composition, a critique of the upper social class, to the fascist regime of Portugal, which I entitled "The Rich and the Poor". From my perspective of a child I saw my grandmother and neighbouring farmers underselling their products at the local Vila farmers market, for a cents worth of hard labour, it all made sense to call it unfair. In short: I never saw my composition or my grade, my grandmother got interrogated and I got a good spanking. What a way to start a career as a writer?

Later in high school I wrote poetry and comedy for the local theatre company. My twenties were all about work and raising a family. I only got to sing some of my poems to my son Carlos-Philip at bedtime.

In my early thirties I suffered a traumatising automobile accident. Later in the same year my grandmother passed away and I got separated from my wife and children. To cope with all of this, I decided to start writing a novel about some personal experiences and my hometown to re-evaluate my sense of home. That's when I produceded The Niche of Sao Tiago and it is dedicated to my grandmother who passed away. The events of my accident reflect in my writings and there for offering a different and unique perspective.

With the separation from my children and in search for meanings in life I wrote A Miner's Peaches & Tears. My style of fantastic realism or allegorical with elements of fantasy, if you want, brings out a short novel that is compelling and spiritual.

After having written two wonderful stories and acquiring a style that I was comfortable with, I decided to continue. I wrote a story that is true and that always intrigued me. In The Magic Mushroom I explore the theme of family in the European catholic context and as a second-generation emigrant in Canada. Great cultural richness from the Italian Canadian community can be better understood as I make the writer feel like an insider. I wraps it up nicely with a strong touch of morals.

To get away from stress and to find peace and time to write I spent some time in Abitibi in the beautiful town of Rouyn-Noranda. Missing my children that now live in Portugal I wrote something for children and to help protect the environment. By creating  The Legend of the Osisko Dragon I have entered into my first work done in French and an ovious attempt at learning the language. This gave my oldest son Carlos-Philip motivation to write and he created The Scary Mask. A Halloween story for children written by an eleven year old. I highly recomend it to your children before they go out on Halloween night.

Then I decided that it was time to become more integrated in the Québec Canadian community which has been my family since 1987. I had never learned the French language and many other wonderful things its culture has to offer so I became a Quebecois and I'm very happy I did.

I was intrigued by the history Quebec city from a visit I did many years ago. Recently I decided to go there again just so I could learn more about the city's upcoming 400 year celebration and write at the same time. Golf on the Plains of Abraham  offers a great perspective on how to look at Canadian Québec culture with a different perception. A story of intra-muros -in-between two cultures- and of hope.

I have also selected a bunch of my favourite poems and created the book of poems Oranges and Tangerines.

My passion for Latin Dancing has let me to want to share my experience. I have created a method to learn how to dance called Method 211 for Salsa Fans.


Future projects:

After finishing my forth romance, I will move on to a more fantastic style. Motivated by a virtual trip to Xian in China and the museum of the terracotta warriors I shall write The Return of the Terracotta Soldiers.


In the process of writing is Stony Mondays a story that takes place in the farmers market of Ottawa, the Byward Market, and it is a historical romance that has the history of the market, the poor and the rich, the French and the English all into a the subconscious of the story. The romance is all about the modern times of part-time work for foreign students, in particular a student young lady from Romania; who wishes to fulfill her dreams.


Le Dragon du Lac Osisko (a collection for 10 to 16 year olds) will most likely have a continuation where the dragon Abitibi will travel to other parts of the globe and continue his battle against the evils of pollution...


Under construction is Carlitos a wonderful series for younger children (a collection for 6 to 10) that help strengthening emotions.


Also in the process of schema making is the script The Grandchild of a Peasant and it is a sociological work of the life conditions of present Portuguese emigration in Canada and how their life prior to the revolution of Portugal in 74, the Portuguese cultural context, and the normative adaptation of emigration in the west has affected their personality.


Still looking for publication with a vision of sharing my experiences with others, I continue to fight the odds of success.


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