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 About me

Born in Sao Tiago de Cendufe, Arcos de Valdevez, a small Romanesque town of northern Portugal, in 1966.

Immigrated to Canada in 1979 and lived in Kitchener Waterloo. He returned to Portugal in 1981 and attended the secondary of Valdevez. He returned to Canada in 1987.

Like the spirit of his native land, well known for its history of kings, explorations and wonderful Port wine, he led a very active life. He made home in Aylmer, in the beautiful province of Québec.

He attended the university of Ottawa in social studies and made many community based projects with the Portuguese Canadian National Congress, namely with the elderly. He was elected counsellor to the Portuguese Government in the council of communities, CCP, in 1997, which he had to resign due to a major automobile accident in 1998.

This traumatising car accident severely affected his life and he had to undergo many changes. In the process of healing he started to write. He has written 4 romances, a book of poems and a childrens story.

In his own words: "I don't remember anything just waking up much later in the hospital, but I do remember the dreams I had before the awaking after the accident and they were wonderful... Now I understand certain things better... The problem is that I no longer accept other things well..."

My little ones


My little ones,

 my happiness.

When I go away they cry,

 my heart suffocates.


When I hug them goodbye,

  their scent stays.

 When they are far

  sadness fills me.


copyrights2004 J.C.Rodrigues

A poet never marries...
Unless he stops writing poetry
And starts writing childrens songs...

copyrights2004 J.C.Rodrigues


La Vérendrey


The Parks heart is broken,

en route through its centre,

you must ask for permission,

And thank thee


Its logging for the young spirits

It allows them to leave Abitibi,

even without permission.

It loves his children

copyrights2004 J.C.Rodrigues



A poem is written,

a book or two.

Maybe a film one day?

All from where and for what?


To transmit a vision?

To register inspiration?

To move still forces?

Ah! Yes to endure a life given.


Will all this make sense?

Be ignored and passed by?

Only a few shall profit!


A master must seek the lost?

The lost must want to be found?

     For inspiration is within...
copyrights2004 J.C.Rodrigues


A Portuguese in Canada is a Portuguese-Canadian

Un Portuguais au Quebec ce un Portuguais-Quebecois

Mas um Portugues no mundo sera sempre um Lusitano

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