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A Miners Peaches and Tears

copyrights2002 J.C.Rodrigues



Like many small towns in Northern Canada, Rouyn-Noranda was significant in Canadian history and economy as a mining Town. It experienced a rapid growth in the 30's and had a strong impact, especially during the Second World War, with supplies of minerals and human resources to aid Canada and the Common Wealth. It also created a society of many different cultures and dreams. Above all it had an eco-impact on four generations of human personality.

Today it remains a very peaceful and relaxing area. When I visited this town for the purpose of stress release and a little get-away from the big city life, I found myself in the nest of the first half of the twenty-century Canada and in a place of harmony.

The nature I encountered en route through the Park de la Vérendrye and the Osisko Lake was peace for my Soul. The people and the human warmth that I met during my stay were, with no doubt the most exceptional reception of my life. They treated me as family.

I was sad to leave and it was even sadder to know that many young people also left their birthplace because the town no longer offers the same hopes and dreams of prosperity. This eco-impact is a reflection of the aging population, political overviews, and platforms of entertainment that offer very little future and aspirations. For a town that was originally built on the energy of young ones, it is sad.

When I heard of the charismatic prospector Edmund Horne, through friends that I met during my stay, I was decided that the warmth I enjoyed from the people of Rouyn-Noranda deserve something in return. I wanted to offer a meaningful token of my appreciation. But what can I, a simple man, give back to such a beautiful place? I decided to write a story that would include its beauty. Maybe this will inspire others to dream up a more worthy gift, for my writings are only thoughts and hopes.

I thought I was finished after my first trip to Rouyn-Noranda, but I realized that I only had a short compelling story. On my second trip for the International Film Festival, the 21st organized in Rouyn, I decided to so some investigation to improve the story.

I had a great time and saw great film from all over the world. I was puzzled however to see such quality and energy, including some producers native of Rouyn-Noranda, and not surprised at that, but that no film has included this magnificent town in a compelling interesting story. It sure deserves that in the future. A film can be presented there and about the community as a token of appreciation.

I also decided to do a qualitative research on the real issues of the community regarding its migrations of youth. Aside from that I had the chance to visits the town in a more peaceful pace. I was overwhelmed and inspired.

I felt content that it happened the way it did because it gave me the chance to write a story that was emotional, non-rational and compelling. With my second visit and my research, I had the chance of improving the story in a rational, logical way and iron out some of the over embellishments our heart sometimes is pushed to write.

The major reason of the improvements, which are focused on the history of the town, the social psychology of the community and the urban life in general, is simply because I had a vision.

This vision was given to me, again, while traveling in the Park de la Vérendrye. The forest spoke to me and told me that it is important to always give and give unconditionally. Giving back to this town for the inspiration and the pleasure of writing this book is my protest for what we as humans take from our Earth with out giving back.

It's a little bit like a curse for mining out and digging holes in the ground with out refilling them or cutting down the trees without re-plantation. It is important that we do not pollute our environment and that we have a balance between us and what the Creator has given us

In my story I mix realism and fiction to enhance the life of Roberto, the main character, and Edmund Horne the founder and explorer of Rouyn-Noranda. Roberto is going to work in the mine and a terrible accident forces him to dialogue with his own Soul and the Soul of Edmund Horne. I hope you will enjoy the dialogue of souls, for that is the soul of my book.